Developer Asset Guidlines

Thank you for choosing Socialize to power your app's social experience. With millions of end users over thousands of apps it is important that those users have a consistent experience when accessing Socialize-enabled features.

This document lays out our preferred presentation of how Socialize is made accessible and presented to users in apps. Socialize is free to implement, so please do your part and present these guidelines to the best of your abilities

We have provided a complete asset pack at the bottom of this document with our logos for you to use.


Please display a graphic that indicates you have services provided by Socialize. This can be a splash screen at the launch of the app, a small notification, or our pre-made Socialize Enabled graphic.


There are a few places where we request you to display the inclusion of Socialize in your app. Properly displaying our brand will help ensure that your customers are exposed to the social opportunities that await them:

App Store Branding

  • The logo may be displayed as a watermark on the application icon. We highly encourage this!
  • Please add the following text in your app description in the app store: [App Name] is Socialize Enabled.

In-App Branding

We do not require any Socialize in-app branding, but here are some suggestions you may want to implement:

  • The logo may be displayed on the application default screen.
  • We also provide you default UI views with Socialize branding for various Socialize elements, such as commenting, which you may use for a consistent user experience.


We've provided a library of acceptable Socialize logos, which can be found in the Appendix. You may not alter the colors of these graphics in any way. Any graphics which are provided on a transparent background may be placed on a background of your choosing, although the logo must be clearly visible (i.e. do not use the white logo on a white background).


We have provided pre-made Socialize badges, assets and attribution examples for your use here.

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